Hi, I’m Kathy and I run Serenity Support.

I’m a creative virtual assistant, supporting holistic, handmade small business owners to manage their online business. By offering remote support, I enable female entrepreneurs to focus on their ‘why’, while I get on with the ‘what’ that needs doing. Using your personality, voice & vision, you can execute your business personality and ethos through me.

My Why

Right from an early age I have been a self-confessed stationery addict. My mum often reminds me of our weekly supermarket shops where I would linger down the stationery aisle and willfully plee with her to let me have a new set of pens, the latest funky rubbers or a new pencil case. Now, coming from a very low income family, needless to say I very rarely succeeded in that, but the desire for organisation and making my work look ‘pretty’ has very much always been there!

When I first became a Mum back in 2012 I realised I needed something more… as much as I adored motherhood, I needed to keep my brain stimulated and explore my creativity. This led to me successfully running my own handmade business for 6 years (and throughout another baby!). There came a point where I just couldn’t do it all. I was sewing and making my products, posting and updating my social media, researching & designing new lines, photographing, packaging and dispatching, updating and creating my own website, not to mention keeping records of accounts… and it was just all too much on my own. My Mum offered to lend a hand and this was where I discovered that actually, when I was faced with the decision to outsource some of my tasks, it was the online managing of a business in which I thrived! From then on, I never sat at my sewing machine again, and I never even missed it! Funny how life turns out sometimes eh?

Serenity Sisterhood

Fast forward to now… I am a creative, spiritual free-thinker, the wrong side of 30 with 2 beautiful primary school aged daughters. My journey to self employment has seen me encompass everything I have learnt and everything I love… by supporting other female business owners in the handmade, holistic industry in building their businesses, guiding them through establishing an online presence and also freeing up their time to spend with family.

Your passion is my passionI have the flexibility to work with clients that align with my own personal values & interests, and I thrive on watching your success!

I work closely with all of my clients to dedicate the time and energy to fulfil their needs. I will communicate with you regularly to brainstorm ideas & be your business wing woman!

Please take a look at some example services I can offer, but if there is anything specific that your business needs then please get in touch.

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