Creating a Client Welcome Pack

When signing a new client, I think it’s really important to make them feel safe in their decision to choose to work with you. More often than not, service providers require payment in part or full, up front, and this can make some people nervous, so it’s vital to prove that you’re trustworthy.


If you were to order a product from an online shop, you notice how that product arrives to you. How is it packaged? Do you feel as though you are opening a gift that’s beautifully wrapped? Those extra little touches make the recipient feel special, gives them a warm fuzzy feeling inside! If you are a service based business, sending a new client their own welcome pack will give them a similar feeling, as well as getting down in writing a proposal of work, expected timeframes etc so that you know you’re both on the same page.

What to include

Front page

like any work book or pack, give the document a front page. It can be as simple as your logo and a title, or add a photo of your products or source a license free image.


if you’re pack is going to be full of details, for example a user guide, then a contents page will make it much easier for your client to refer back to if they need to revisit any details.


if you’ve had an initial meeting, phone call or even just via email, this is where you can reiterate a bit about you. They don’t need your life story, but hone in on WHY they need you, and why you above everyone else? Do you have relevant expertise? Do you specialise in their industry? Make some key points about you and your business, why you do what you do & how excited you are to work together!


If you’ve already discussed a strategy, then use this opportunity to send a debrief of what you discussed. This will also ensure they are happy with your proposal and that you are on the right track. If you haven’t yet decided on how you can work together, then send some ideas of how you can best support their needs. This is a good opportunity to upsell too. If they have come to you for some required work, you can also include any extra ‘add-ons’ that you could provide in the future, that way if they need anything further doing in the future, you’re leaving the door open for that opportunity. Remember to include any expected timescales or costs agreed.

What you require

make this step as simple as you can. What information do you need from them? Do you require them to send you log ins for anything? Do you need a design criteria?

Round it off

finish off with a call to action. What do they need to do next? Do they have a form to return to you with details? Do they need to book a further appointment with you? Again, make it as simple as possible. If they need to email you, make sure your email is linked, so they can click directly and do it.

Close the document off, thank them for their time and reiterate how excited you are to work together! Remember they need you & your business, you are the specialist in your area of expertise & you thrive in their success!

To help you along your way, we’ve created a FREE template to create your very own Client Welcome Pack! Adjust as you need to, match the colours to your own branding and save as a PDF to send all your client documents together in a user friendly format!

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