FREE Social Media Calendar for Lockdown

You could be forgiven for thinking we have stepped back in time to March this year, but no… unfortunately we are entering another lockdown. We do, however, have one advantage this time… we have experienced this before.

What lesson did you learn from the last lockdown?

Did you adapt to a new way of working through new technology?

Did you manage to keep your customers informed and interested?

Small business owners have been one of the many people affected by COVID-19 this year. It can be very disheartening when you feel like you keep taking these knock backs, but I’m a firm believer in keeping a positive mindset. This time around, schools have contingency plans and many businesses never returned to normal after the previous lockdown due to social distancing. 

What can you do to maintain your business momentum through lockdown?


Set aside for some time to connect with other small businesses. Don't just like their posts, interact with them and share their content too. It will help forge new business friendships and encourage them to do the same to yours.

Find Your Followers

Don't sit and wait for the followers to come to you, go and find them! Think of who your target audience are. If you're on Instagram, you can follow hashtags and search on them too to find people who are actively posting and following subjects or other businesses like yours.

Trade Swap

Who could you partner up with? What would make the perfect collaboration? Not only will it help inspire and boost you, it will give extra exposure for both businesses.

Find Your Brand Tribe

Have you ever heard of brand reps? These are often bloggers, who have a good social media following that can help promote your products or services. Offer them freebies in exchange for some posts promoting you, the pictures of which you could also use on your own social media. Search for people to use by using the hashtag search option mentioned above.

We’ve created a FREE Social Media Content Calendar with ideas and inspirations to keep you and your business going through this second lockdown. Feel free to use as little or as many of these prompts, or even adapt to suit your business or industry. 

Remember, we will learn new things about ourselves, this is a trying time for everyone so be kind to yourself. There will be good and bad days, but use this prompt to help give you some structure and focus in these uncertain times. 

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