As a Mum of 2 girls, and 1 of 3 sisters myself, I am an avid believer in supporting and empowering girls and women to become who they truly want to be. As a plus size girl, I work hard not to inflict any of my body hang ups onto my children and try to promote the body positive attitude as much as I can.

So when I had the opportunity to work with the wonderful Nichola Hemming on creating her new vision… I couldn’t say no!!

I have known Nichola for some months now and both of our businesses have grown and evolved over these crazy Covid-19 times! Nichola is an existing client of mine and we have regular weekly catch ups. She began telling me about this vision she had and I got sucked right in! Now I will tell you, that once you’ve met Nichola, she makes a lasting impression on you. She has such a welcoming warmth about her, and her passion and drive are honestly infectious.

There are numerous networking groups out there these days, any that I’ve felt comfortable in? Not really. Everyone always seems to be a few years in to their entrepreneurial journey and I always felt out of depth.

She wanted to create a platform for women. Not just women running their own business, but for ALL women. A safe haven for females to get advice or help, for information on subjects we just don’t talk about, (i.e. the dreaded monthly P word that most men cringe and run a mile at) legal advice, career development and so much more.

I have been fortunate enough to have been on board with this exciting new venture right from the beginning and it’s wonderful to watch it grow. There are so many inspiring women out there with fantastic stories to share too.

As well as being an Ambassador for Women Empowering Women UK, I am part of the fabulous Head Office team and I am running their Social Media & Marketing needs. I designed and created the logo and branding, and must admit I felt a bit emotional when I received my welcome pack which I had designed myself!

We have monthly Ambassador zoom meetings, involving business development training, exposure and advertising for your business, collaborations, a free 20 minute coaching call for each Ambassador, a monthly book club based around female empowerment, an inspirational story of the month plus SO much more!

Please take a look at the site There are so many ways in which you can get involved with us, even if you don’t have a business yourself. Next year, we hope to be able to hold some fundraising events (socially distanced if needs be due to Covid-19), but please feel free to share with any one who may be interested in coming on board or if you know of any women’s charities too.

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